Update: Going to UK

Just wanted to provide an update of upcoming events today, and show you a bit of the recent shoots I've been working on.

Travel Excitement!

I purchased my plane ticket last night for London! I will be visiting a friend for two weeks in May, and there will be plenty of photos to share when I get back. 

I will still have posts going up every Tuesday and Thursday regardless of where I am. 

Current posts in the works include:

  • How to Take a Better Selfie (Still looking for participants!)
  • Resolution and Megapixels
  • Light Painting 101
  • The Ethics of Photoshop: Part 2
  • Yongnuo YN560-III Flash review

I'm coming up with new topics all the time, if there is anything in particular you would like to see leave a comment and let me know!


On top of the usual Tuesday/Thursday text posts, I am considering starting a video series or a podcast. If this sounds interesting at all or if you would want to join in again, comment or email me.

Recent Shoots

I have had a lot of fun lately shooting with friends, below I'll put a few of the shots as a sneak preview before they go up on Facebook or Deviantart. Enjoy!