Vintage Camera Collection: Target Brownie Six-20 and Six-16

The Brownie Target Six-20 was a very popular cheap camera in the 1940's. Retailing at around $3.50.

Who doesn't like a bit of vintage once in a while? Today let's take a look at some old cameras!

The Brownie Name

Kodak has used the Brownie camera name for a long time. They were the early versions of disposables and originally marketed for children. Many versions of the camera evolved over time, but a basic and simply made design always prevailed.

The Brownie Target Six-20 and Brownie Target Six-16.

I have two Brownie box cameras in my collection. A Brownie Target Six-20 and a Brownie Target Six-16. The only real differences between these two cameras are the film sizes used, with the Six-16 being much larger.

Again, these cameras are very simple, with just a viewfinder on the tops and sides to frame the image, a film winder, an aperture tab, and a shutter release. 

The design of the cameras I find particularly interesting. Product design today can seem bland at times (with notable exceptions of Fuji cameras and the Nikon Df).

You can find these cameras yourself in many antique stores or thrift shops for fairly cheap even in good condition. These things were built tough and didn't have a lot of pieces that could break. I found both of these cameras at a local antiques store for 8$ each and they present themselves well on a shelf.

Brownie Target Six-20 Box Camera

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