LG G4 Smartphone Camera Review


What's the best camera?

Many say it's the one you always have with you.

I've been searching for a small camera that I can keep in my pocket. Something to capture the smaller moments that are more personal to me and go on social media, outside of the realm of "work."

The LG G4, while after my investigation is not a replacement for my DSLR, does an acceptable job at fulfilling the "always ready" camera role.

Technical Specifications


The G4 contains a larger-than-average 1/2.6" 16 Megapixel sensor paired with an f/1.8 lens. It focuses with what LG calls "laser" autofocus and also includes a sensor specifically to help with white balance. 


A nice change from many other cellphone cameras, the G4 has a host of manual controls. 

The LG G4 manual controls are an excellent addition to cell phone cameras.

The LG G4 manual controls are an excellent addition to cell phone cameras.

Some of the handy features include being able to shoot in RAW+JPG formats, a digital level, and focus points (although the phone is capable of focusing anywhere on the screen).

LG G4 vs Nikon D750

The sales associate who sold me the G4 noted several times that it was "as good as a DSLR."

I decided to take it out for a shoot and do a little comparison

Below are two photos, guess which one was taken with the G4, and which one was my D750.

If you guessed the second image was the G4, you were correct.

Cell phones still have a very notable difference from DSLRs, you can't change the focal length.

In most cases, this means little, but when it comes to photos like the head-shots above, distortion comes into play. 

Cell phones aren't going to truly compete with DSLRs for awhile, but the LG G4 is still a great camera to have for those smaller moments.

Here are a couple more examples of the G4's photo abilities. It really tends to shine in macro-style photos.

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