To Make A Zine 1: Winter Project Announcement


I can never keep myself from piling on more projects. I don't consider that a bad thing though.


I'm making a zine. If you are unfamiliar with them, a zine is an independently published, typically very small circulation magazine. The Wiki article has a good historical rundown. This zine will have a print and online-accessible version. The planned release is Spring 2018. While many zines are authored by a single individual, I am extremely interested in changing things up and working with collaborators, in a way a crowd-sourced zine. The zine will be a combination of articles, photo essays, artwork, poetry, and short stories.


The theme for this zine is small town life. Ideally the zine will be a microcosm of creatives growing up in a small town/rural area or the impression of a small town on those from urban lifestyles. Stories about transition to/from small town life, specific experiences, the woes or wonders of small towns, and reflections of small communities are all acceptable angles for this zine.


If this sounds like something you would be interested in participating in, there are a number of ways to join in.

Create Your Own Article

I will be accepting submissions from creatives of any form I can. If you are more of a music/video creator, your work can be included in the digital rich-media version of the zine. If you have an idea you want to provide or need help fleshing an idea out, please contact me. Creators will retain all original rights to their work, and will only provide a license to have the work published in the zine. Updates and deadlines will be posted to this blog. 

Be A Part Of Someone's Article

I plan on creating several articles and photo essays for this zine (possibly all of them if others don't choose to participate.) Article ideas currently include interviews with small town creatives, photo-shoots, and historical pieces. Instead of creating your own article you are welcome to participate in my or someone else's submitted article.

Interested in participating? Leave a comment below or contact me!

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