Dunkirk Movie Review



"Worth Seeing"



Quick Facts


Christopher Nolan


Syncopy Inc


Fionn WhiteheadTom Glynn-CarneyJack LowdenHarry StylesAneurin BarnardJames D'ArcyBarry KeoghanKenneth BranaghCillian MurphyMark Rylance, and Tom Hardy


Action / Drama / Thriller / War


1 Hours and 46 Minutes


Cinemark 18 at Pittsburgh Mills and Imax, Pittsburgh, PA



Dunkirk is a good movie. I'm a big fan of Christoper Nolan's work, he makes some of the best current film epics. I appreciate the style using physical film gives his movies and it works well in Dunkirk specifically.

I saw this movie with my sister and we both agreed after leaving the theater: It's a great film, but were not sure we particularly enjoyed watching it. Dunkirk is 106 minutes of intense stopwatch action. Hans Zimmer's excellent score if filled with a continuous ticking theme, and combined with the survivalist action it creates one of the longest feelings of tension I have ever had in a theater. It had a lot of staying power, I was certainly still clenching my hands hours after the film had ended.

If I had to knock it for something, I'd say the timeline can be a bit confusing as it jumps around story-to-story, especially towards the ending as it repeats parts to let you see everything from different perspectives. I consider this a minor gripe though, and it doesn't affect my score.  

It's absolutely a must-see, and while I typically recommend trying to see films like this in the 70mm format if possible, I felt it was the excellent sound design that really drove this movie home. I think it's a worthwhile watch in any type of theater you can see it in.