7 Best Movies of 2016


I went to the movies at least a couple dozen times in 2016. If you missed any of these, they are worth checking out. Here are my favorite movies from 2016.

7. Deadpool

Deadpool wasn't just a hilarious additional to the Marvel Franchise, is was an important distinction that studios don't have to be scared of R rated films. Because of Deadpool we can have movies like Logan, and that's a good enough reason to check out this movie.

6. The Revenant

Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar thanks to this movie. If that doesn't let you know what your in for perhaps I can entice you be saying how gorgeous the cinematography is in this movie. Watch this on the largest screen you can, phones and laptops won't do it justice. 

5. Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond really surprised me. I like all of the rebooted Star Trek films, but I didn't consider them masterpieces. I really, really enjoyed Star Trek Beyond though. I think Simon Pegg's writing added a lot to the story of this movie, and it gets much more personal with all the characters. Awesome movie poster artwork and makeup artistry to boot.

4. The Neon Demon

I recommend this movie with a strong caution: It very much earns its R rating. The content is very dark, the imagery is dark, and the story elements are dark. It is a beautiful movie though, almost acting like a music video in some parts, and it's a very poignant criticism of the modeling industry and LA culture. A very 180 view from the more lighthearted take of La La Land, which I think actually pairs well as a contrasting back-to-back movie watch.

3. The Nice Guys

A 70's buddy-cop style crime/action flick in 2016. What can I say except it's a lot of fun, well styled, and very funny. 

2. 10 Cloverfield Lane

Extremely thrilling, superbly suspenseful. Psychological thriller all without the jumpy-style horror elements. Toss in a bit of sci-fi and you have an amazing second part of J.J. Abrams strange anthology.

1. The Accountant

This movie was the best theater experience I had in 2016. Excellent action, great plot twists, and characters with depth. There were literal jaws dropped in the audience, but shockingly this movie seemed to run a little under the radar. Go see this movie. 

What was your favorite movie of 2016?