Rasterized Podcast 1: New File...


Episode 01: New File...

Hello! Welcome to Rasterized, a podcast about life and design with Sydney and Eric.
While having much experience with print and digital design, the duo have decided to try their hand at working with the podcast medium and discuss a range of topics. Those include, but are not limited to, design, technology, life as a young professional in a creative field, and  occasional SEO optimization. 

In this episode, we…
— Discuss the delightful chirping charm of Amazon’s Alexa.
— Reap that sweet, sweet nonprofit karma.
— Recall our respective descents into design (lookin' at you, newspaper).
— Offer advice on how to get started with creative projects — and why it's worth it.
— Turn a critical eye toward Riley’s abstract Lego creation.

— And check out the font of the week: the clean, the stylish, and versatile Acumin Pro.