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Education, Experiences, and Skills


Education and Experience

Penn State Erie

Penn State Erie - The Behrend College became my home until December 2015. My classes there covered a broad range of topics from software engineering to communications. I particularly enjoyed my "backpack journalism" class, where over the semester we learned all the skills needed to be dropped anywhere in the word with a camera, laptop, and a mic to get a news website up and running. We learned HTML, CSS, article writing, reporting, photography, and videography skills. I have an interest in all of these and it was a wonderful exercise to learn and develop these skills.

The Behrend Beacon

While at Behrend I participated in a number of clubs, with my major free-time investment being The Behrend Beacon student newspaper. I started at the paper as a photographer, and worked my way up as the photo editor, opinion editor, and ultimately the Creative Director where I got to design and oversee major revisions of the newspapers brand. Many unforgettable Monday nights were spent paginating until 2 in the morning to ensure the weekly newspaper was ready to print. It was a fantastic experience with a diverse office environment and incredible opportunities from interviewing Bill Nye, photographing concerts, and even making info-graphics about marijuana! 


My interest in photography started in high school when I'd steal my sisters 3 Megapixel HP digital camera. After honing my skills through the newspaper and by endlessly practicing with my friends I ended up officially starting ETDPhotography in 2014. My photography experiences include senior portraits, family portraits, engagements, weddings, concerts, photojournalism, fine art, and professional head-shots. Photography is my biggest passion in life, but curiousity and a drive to always keep learning have pushed that into videography, editing, design, and recording. ETDPhotography has grown to design and develop websites like, design book covers, manage and develop YouTube channels like RegSciTV,  and produce two podcasts: Rasterized and Old-Growth Podast.

Big Green Screen

After Behrend I began my career at the Tom Ridge Environmental Center as a projectionist for the Big Green Screen Association. Of course managing day-to-day operations is a great part of my work, including daily reports, ticket sales, and projector operations. I also run the social media, and design and maintain the Big Green Screen website I've had many opportunities to work with other organizations at TREC as well, with some projects including digital signage development, event live-streaming, flyer design, and email newsletter design and management. 

Experiences at The Behrend Beacon included pagination, graphic design, infographics, photography, writing, editing, management, and data visualization.


Video Work Sample: Snowing In June Short Film/Documentary


Skills and Software Proficiency



Adobe Photoshop®
Adobe InDesign®
Adobe Lightroom®
Graphic Design



Adobe Illustrator®
Adobe Premiere®
Adobe After Effects®
Adobe Audition®
Audio Recording and Editing
Social Media Management
Mac + Windows OS



Adobe Dreamweaver®


Current Projects


Old-Growth Podcast

The Old-Growth podcast is a new series hosted by Julia Guerrein and Eric Dye exploring environmental science, policy, and the work of scientists. 

ETDPhotography YouTube Channel

The ETDPhotography YouTube channel shows behind-the-scenes of photo sessions, model Q+As, and the coming-soon Creative Process of Photography series. 

Art Poster Series

This limited-run poster series is an appreciation of printed works, while still providing the meta-data that is so prolific in digital art. 


Additional Works



Recent Photoshoots


Photography Guides


Rasterized Podcast