The Best Sites to Learn About Photography


UPDATE: I expanded this list recently! Check it out!  

The internet is chock full of amazing resources, but it can be difficult to sift through the millions of different links to find what you’re looking for.

Never fear, this blog will do the work for you! I’m confident this list of hand-picked sites will inspire and inform you.

Photography Tips, News, and Reviews

Popular Photography Magazine

  • Update: Popular Photography Magazine is no longer running, but the website is still up with an archive of interesting articles.

This magazine also has a very robust online catalog of articles with reviews on gear and great interviews. Check out the contests section to and compete against fellow readers.

Fro Knows Photo

Popular for his sniff test reviews, Jared Polin a.k.a. The Fro has a lot of lighthearted gear reviews, YouTube videos, and an excellent weekly podcast called RAWTalk.

British Journal of Photography

Another magazine with an excellent online component. If you like to see what photographers are doing in the world in a beautifully laid-out site and excellent article quality, check them out.

The New York Times Photojournalism

If you don’t have a subscription to the New York Times, you may run into the pay-wall looking at this link, but if you do have access to it, then this is the best you will get when looking for journalistic photography articles. It is an amazing source of inspiration. If you are looking for a particular article to read, check out this one about the ethics of digital photojournalism.

Photography Techniques and Education

Cambridge in Colour

While this website is not frequently updated or particularly well known, the articles are top notch and are a fantastic way to learn about topics in a more in-depth but still accessible manner.

Digital Photography School

A huge resource with a very active forum community. You have probably already seen this link at the top of a Google search. It is well deserved of it’s spot, and there is a little bit of everything here. However, a lot of the content are in the form of guest posts which vary in quality.

Stanford University Course- CS 178: Digital Photography

Prefer a more formal class setting to learn about photography? Why not take a class online at Stanford? You can do so here at your own pace for free.

MIT Course- Documentary Photography and Photojournalism: Still Images of a World in Motion

If you’re not a fan of the cardinals, you can check out this very interesting and free course from MIT about photojournalism.

YouTube Channels/Video Based Sites


Phlearn has some of the best Photoshop tutorials I've seen. Very detailed, easy to follow, and very entertaining. They are also great with community engagement with fun contests.

Tutvids - Photoshop

Tutvid has a number of video categories, but I am particularly fond of their photoshop section. They are great in combination with Phlearn.

Matt Granger

Matt Granger used to be That Nikon Guy but re-branded himself a few years ago. That hasn't changed his great video reviews though (and yes he covers more than just Nikon).

DigitalRev TV

This Hong Kong based YouTube channel is associated with the online store of the same name. They don’t try to sell you anything in the videos though. DigitalRev just provides humorous and fun reviews and commentary on photography in general. Their Pro-Photographer, Cheap Camera series is excellent.

Where do you go to learn more about photography? Leave a comment below with your favorite site.

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