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Telling Stories Through Pictures – Wedding Photography

Being able to tell a story through images is one of the best things about photography.

That storytelling is one of the reasons why I really enjoy wedding photography. The industry has changed over the past few decades to include a more journalistic and storytelling approach to wedding coverage, and I think it is a wonderful way to capture all the emotions and beauty of a wedding day.

How do you tell the story of a wedding through photos though? Let’s take a case example to explore.

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Software 101: Adding Vignette

If there is one effect that I would have to name the most popular for photo editing it would have to be the vignette.

Everyone tries it out sometime and usually with good results. Its a subtle effect that can draw attention to the center of your image and create nice framing. Today I'll show you how to apply a vignette with a few different editing programs, and talk a little about what not to do with vignettes.

Using vignettes is very easy in most programs, often requiring only a couple clicks.

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Top 5 Beginner Mistakes

Disclaimer: Yes, I have done all of these, any examples are photos I took while learning myself. (most were taken while I was in high-school).

All photographers do this at some point, you have to start somewhere. Take an easy road right now though and check out these common beginner mistakes that I have learned to avoid.

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Photo Techniques: The Mode Dial

A lot of people are intimidated by the PSAM (PTvAvM for Canon Users) dial.  Today we will go over what these different settings are and when they can be used.

There is usually a lot more than just the standard PSAM settings on the mode dial, but most of these are just variants of the "auto" mode and not the focus of this post. The letters PSAM stand for:

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