How to Get That Trendy Flat Photo Look On Your Phone


Step 1 - Pick Your Photo

Photos with lots of shadows tend to work best. Try some that you took at night with a flash, or in the woods on a sunny day.

Pick your photo editor too! Any editor with a curves adjustment tool will do, but I highly recommend trying Snapseed. It's on both iPhone and Android and I've found it to be one of the more powerful mobile editors. 

Snapseed is shown in this tutorial.

Snapseed is shown in this tutorial.

Step 2: Find the Curves Adjustment Tool

In Snapseed, this is the top row, middle option under the "tools" menu. The curves tool is one of my favorites to stylize a photo, it's immensely powerful.  


Step 3: Raise The Shadows

Opening the curves tool will give you a graph with a straight line. Left side is shadows, right side is highlights. For this effect we want to raise up the deepest shadows. To do this we add a point about a quarter way up the graph(or one a quarter way and one half way for more control) and then drag the bottom left point up. As you do this you will see the shadows of your photo start to brighten, keep moving the dot up until it looks right for you.  

Step 4: Share Your Image! #ETDedits

That's it! You've added a trendy flat look to your photo. I'd love to see your results in trying this! Add your photo to insta or twitter with the tag #ETDedits

Like watching and learning? Check out the animation below to watch the whole editing process!

Edit Animation #ETDedits