The Best Websites to Learn About Photography: 2018 Update


You may be familiar with my previous post with the best websites to learn about photography. After 3 years this list was in need of an update and expansion. Here are some hand-picked suggestions for online photography resources.

Photography News and Review Websites

If you are interested in industry trends, gear reviews, or rumors these are some of the sites I frequent.

Digital Photography Review

DPReview is probably one of the more popular camera and lens review sites, and they do a great job with gear news as well. The recently acquired Chris and Jordan from Camera Store TV for their YouTube channel as well.

Nikon Rumors

The quintessential source for industry rumors (for Nikon specifically). The sister sites include Photo Rumors, Leica Rumors, Pentax Rumors, etc. I can’t speak for the sister sites but Nikon Rumors has been a great source and community.


A website I’ve been frequenting much more often lately, Fstoppers is a general photography news, review, and tutorial website. The website has a nice layout and is great if you like a variety of videos and articles.

Photography Tips and Tutorial Websites


Canva actually reached out to me to let me know about their photography blog section with articles on a dizzying variety of subjects. Great place to check out every once in awhile to see what different topics they are talking about next. Canva is also a great place to dip your toes into graphic design, and their editor is great for making a quick thumbnail or social media post. (The thumbnail to this post was made on Canva!)

Improve Photography

I know Improve Photography mostly for their podcasts but they also have great articles and gear recommendations as well.


If you want to get into flash photography, this is the place to start. The website is a bit dated-looking, but this was the website that got me to finally love flash photography. Start with their 101 course and you’ll work your way up to using flashes and gels in no time.

Websites For Photography Inspiration


Behance is Adobe’s creative social network and it is a fantastic place to see industry and commercial work in both photography and design. If you are interested in commercial industry trends this is a great place to check out.


Flickr was just recently acquired by Smugmug, so while it is a great place to see a mountain of different photography but it may soon be a great place to sell your work from.


While pinterest is a bit of a no-brainer, it is probably my most frequently used site for inspiration. I always like to make a moodboard shared with my clients and models to get an idea of what kind of work we are looking to create. My only complaint is that when you dive deep into Pinterest it can sometimes be hard to find variety. For me a lot of the same pins tend to show up.


What websites do you frequent for photography news, tips, or inspiration? Leave a link in the comments! Don’t forget to bookmark this blog too for photography tips and photoshoot recaps.