Video Projects: Promotional Video for RegSciTV.


Recently I made a short promo video for the Regional Science Consortium's new YouTube channel, RegSciTV. This video was made to promote some of their educational outreach via the College Prep course that they put on each year. The video was shot on the Nikon D750 using a Tamron 24-70 F/2.8 lens and a Rode VideoMic. 

Promo videos can be an excellent way to quickly share information on what your organization, brand, or business is about, and they tend to have higher social media engagement than photos or text posts alone. Great promotional videos both bring attention to your work and provide useful information to your audience. This short video is a teaser to a full talk that was at the event that provided tons of useful information to students interested in dual-enrollment.

There are many use-cases for promotional videos. A restaurant could share a recipe and show how it's made in their kitchen while showing off their facility, or a bank can make an informative video about loan applications while featuring the resources they specifically have.

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