Shooting in Adverse Weather: Senior Portrait Examples

Sunset was 10 minutes before starting, the wind was picking up, and it started to rain.

Sometimes you don't always get the best conditions when you want to take photos. People are busy, and when you only get that 1 free night where everyone's schedules line up you've got to pull the trigger and work with what life throws at you!

On this particular evening we had some golf portraits planned with Mady and Arika. While it would have been nice to take photos on the green the weather was obviously not going to cooperate. We had three major problems to work around: light, wind, and rain.

The solutions to those problems came in the form of a Wescott 60" umbrella and Yonguo YN-560 II Speedlight for light, and the Foxburg Country Club porch for refuge from the wind and rain. A little bit of prep and on-location adjustments can keep a shoot from turning into a bust. 

Check out the rest of the shoot below and if you are interested in having your own photos done feel free to contact me!