Upcoming Website Updates, Posts, and Changes


I use ETDPhotography.com to not only show a portfolio of my work but to also experiment with projects, design, and ideas to better my skills. Often this has turned into a total rebuild of the site every few months, however I've grown very attached to the current site aesthetic so instead I simply plan to rework certain areas that I think need improvement. Below are the details of what to expect.

1. Redesign the Gallery Section

The Gallery page is too clunky, takes too many clicks, and some of these galleries haven't been updated in too long. I plan to completely rework this section to create easier access to more photos and with a clearer distinction between types of photos so that things are easier to find.

2. More In-depth Posts

I used to really enjoy creating in-depth tutorials for this blog, like the Subject/Background Separation post. It's also some of the most popular content on the blog. I want to get back to creating these posts, however they will probably not come as frequently. Anticipate 1 per month. Some up-coming post ideas include selfie-taking tips and how to take sharp photos. I'm always taking suggestions for these so feel free to comment with what you want!

3. Redesign the "Design" Section

It's just not very good for a section called "design."

4. Retire the Movie Reviews Blog

The movie reviews were a fun project to practice writing and to get me out to the movies more. It's novelty has worn off though and I don't think the reviews are a practical resource for anyone. I may replace it with a "Photoshoots" blog to separate those posts from the main blog, but I haven't decided for sure on that. 

5. Expand the Pricing Section

Traditionally I have never posted prices for photography and design services because jobs tend to vary in complexity a lot. I realize this is frustrating to people just quickly looking compare. I'll be expanding the "Book Your Session" page to include a larger variety of services.

Are there any specific changes you would like to see? I always appreciate feedback.