Updates: Upcoming Shoots and Website Changes Status


If you have been keeping up with the blog you may have noticed a very rampant change in post frequency. (The 18th is blank because that day's post went up on The Walk Blog which you should also check out!)

Upcoming Shoots

Not only am I trying to keep the blog active, but I am trying to stay active taking photos as well! Next week has two photoshoots planned in the D.C. area, and I also plan to do a form of travel-vlog while I'm there. After that I have photoshoots currently planned in the last two weeks of February, with 3 more in the planning stages. 

Website Changes Status

Complete: Gallery Section

The Gallery Section has been completed revised and combined with pricing info as well. I think the sections help divide the types of photography offered logically and also show a lot more examples. Since the pricing info is now included in the gallery I no longer need to make a pricing page, and that page is now simply dedicated to booking sessions. So far feedback on the new gallery section has been great, thank you!

Pending: In-depth Posts

While the amount of posts in the blog has increased substantially, I don't think many of them equate to the deep-dive posts of the past. I still have plans to do more long-form posts, but time constraints have made them difficult. I will try to bookmark more time to these in the future.

Pending: Design Section

The design section is still in the works of being, well, designed. In its place is a simple list for now. 

Pending: State of the Movies Blog

I am continuing with my plan of retiring the movie blog, however I will not be replacing it with a photoshoots blog. Those posts will remain in the main photography blog. However this now means that the blog page will need to be redesigned.

New Agenda: Redesign the Home Page

With the gallery section so fresh the home page is starting to look a bit stale to me. I will be considering meshing together the Home Page and Blog Page since I now plan to redesign both.