Off Topic - YouTube and Podcasts and Twitch, Oh My!


Looking for something other than photography? Try out some of these other places you can find me.


On YouTube you can find me with my personal channel where I post video practices, random videos, or projects that I've been working on. If you like gaming you can check out my YouTube Gaming channel DilatedAperture, where I post highlights from streams, funny gaming moments, and there is a whole library of videos of my time in Guild Wars 2 with the [RED] guild. 


Closely related to my YouTube Gaming channel, the DilatedAperture twitch gaming channel is a place where you can hang out with me and watch me absolutely hilariously fail at playing random games. I typically stream in the evenings on Fridays (eastern timezone) and Tuesdays. 

Rasterized Podcast Series

Join Sydney and I as we discuss living and working a creative lifestyle. We talk about work, typography, colors, and more! The podcast series covers 5 episodes about 40 minutes in length each. Time constraints have prevented us from continuing the series lately but there are still plenty of interesting nuggets of info!